Costs and Benefits

All work is done by members on a voluntary basis, so any membership dues goes into coffee and tea, manuals, website and materials for members benefit.

To join Toastmasters, you pay an initiation fee ranging from kr. 150 – 210 depending on local club policy and what you get along with your initial membership package.

In addition to the initiation fee, you pay membership dues of kr. 390 every half year.

Once you have joined Toastmasters, you will receive the new member kit directly from the US. That includes a communications manual with10 speech projects and a leadership manual with another 10 projects. Every speech project focuses on a specific aspect of a speech, such as structure, word choice, body language, voice, visual aids etc. The manual contains constructive advise, tips og tricks and a pedagogical step by step that steeps you in speech writing and delivery bit by bit.

The easiest way to join Toastmasters is to go to a club meeting. Just fill out the web form and we will contact you with the details of when the next meeting is taking place.