Learn to speak in front of an audience

We believe that the only way you can learn to speak well in front of an audience is by actually doing it. Toastmasters provides a safe environment to learn and practice with feedback.… Continue reading

Becoming a Toastmaster

To become a Toastmaster you have to complete 10 speech projects. Each speech project emphasizes different techniques used in preparing and giving a speech. If you want to see how these speech techniques are used, you… Continue reading

Communication as a manager

Do you want to learn to communicate as a leader? Being able to communicate orally is essetial if you want work with other people. To see how Toastmasters can help you, you are… Continue reading

Job interview – ignite your career

If you want to see how you can improve your performance at job interviews, you have to be excellent at presenting your self. You have to pitch your self by giving a convincing… Continue reading

Giving and receiving feedback to presentations

Do you want to be improve your skills as a leader or colleague giving feedback? Learning to give good feedback is essential if you want to engage and motivate other people.  You can… Continue reading

Icebreaker – giving your first speech

Giving your first speech is for many people the most horrifying as well as exiting moment in a your life. A Toastmasters mentor helps you conquer this challenge with confidence. If you want… Continue reading